In Real (Virtual) Life

The by mobile phone present at the social media is rightly perceived by many as an “In Real (Virtual) Life ‘experience. This’ Cyber​​-IRL-Fusion’ trend essentially describes the interweaving of the real world and virtual world. Here’s an example: The Tactile Phone is coming. The Tactile Phone is, feeling relief on your phone screen. Two principles seem to be more promising. Electro Vibration is the first principle (high frequency gives the feeling in the fingertips of a soft material, low frequency gives the illusion of a rough surface). Thus, a building or object displayed on your phone really ‘feel’. The second principle being experimented with, is a physical thin layer of liquid just below the touchscreen control over specific areas could be temporarily raised and actually feels like a button. A range of new opportunities for themselves.

why its cool: It helps you find, for example mailboxes in the neighborhood or let you know how much a house costs, but it also shows you what people in your area using twitter. It’s so easy and attractive to expand your network. It has a potential growth in the future because it’s still developing and still very large could be extended.


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