Bent Basket by Faris Elmasu

I was browsing on the Internet for new sustainable gadgets. After long surfing I came out to Faris Elmasu. These twenty-five man is a creative designer from San Francisco. This designer has designed The “Bent Basket”. The “Bent Basket” is a variation on a rack andconsists of a wooden plate a number of flexible nylon straps which you can convert nearly any solid object. The “Bent Basket” can be both rear and front of your bike are placed. The timber consists of five layers of veneer, which are pressed tightly against each other. The “Are Basket”, the weight of half a crate of beer.

Why is it cool?

I think the mere thought of the designer really cool. He wanted the luggage replaced by something else, something more durable and comfortable. It is a durable product because you don’t need plastic bags for shopping any more. Also the designer wants to show people in San Francisco that it’s to doing things on the bike, you can go anywhere you want and so the car can leave.  I think it is easy to use product and can certainly go far in the future, because now we sit in the middle of the trend cycle. Great product but just a pity because he can’t carry heavy things…


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