Designer Rianne Koens

You have a house with a small, flexible or specific area that requires more than ordinaryfurniture. You want furniture to your belongings, but also something to sit. You love bothof surprises in your house and design that is pure and functional. When I saw the  Oturakast of designer Rianne Koens, was all the previous possible.

This 23-year-old designer, born in Lochem, has the ability to function and design in an appealing way to combine eye-catching products. During her studies she has developedseveral items on the application of interior products. There is so much more!

For example Rianne consider a vase that decorates the edge of a table. Or a candle thatrecycles its own candlewax. And recently she thought Peel Splendour. This is a series ofhousehold products that allows the supreme peel of fruit flavor to reuse makers of culinary pleasure.

Why it’s cool?

All products of Rianne have the potential to reach the general public. Before she did the right cooperation partners. There she is now happily working on them. The young designer has the ability to function and design in an appealing way to combine eye-catching, and i think that’s make it really cool!!


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