local Frozz

Last week I walked through the city of Breda and I saw a new ice cream shop called Frozz. The store sells fresh frozen yogurt Dutch in combination with various toppings such as fruit or nuts.

The concept originated in America. Breda in the Netherlands after Amsterdam and Amstelveen, the third largest city with a Frozz office.

The ice cream man told me that the yogurt is slightly sweetened and frozen to a refreshing ice cream. I tasted the ice cream and it tastes like yogurt but simultaneously you also getan ice cream idea and that while only 100 calories a cup Frozz counts!!

Why it is cool?

The yogurt ice cream comes from Brabant, so the yogurt is a local product. The fruit in your ice cream you can do is cut by the ice cream man himself and also comes from local farmers. And why it is so cool, your ice cream is made up of local products!


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