It’s all about the experience

Ooooooh NO!!! Do we eat spaghetti again? Everyone knows it, people think eating in itself is not asexciting. Therefore gives people more experience to eat.

I’am not as last time on the street searched (in secret due to the terrible weather) but I amgoing to look around and come to the following examples.

Glowing Sushi
What is it?
Sushi which gives light in an intimate restaurant gloom.
Small zebra fish that glowen in the dark. The luminous fish are no freak of nature, but the result of human intervention. Zebra Fish are a very good catalyst to see if water is polluted or not. To be able to monitor the fish were a “light-gen”. Fishes can be seen,then it is clean water. So now you can eat. The state of California has also not releasedthe glow fish for consumption.

Why is it cool?
– Innovative
– Exciting

– Controversial
– Fits into the spirit of today


The Café Light Lounge

What is it?

The new Café Light Lounge at Schiphol is able to maximize the meal times of the day to operate and do this in a special way.

During the day, Light Lounge Cafe coffee and espresso bar. At night changing the light, theatmosphere and supply. The decor colors so along with the meal times of the day.

Why is it cool?

– Approach to different audiences
– Determines the atmosphere
– Responds to the power supply
– Stimulates your senses





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