Total Transparency.

Transparency is increasingly important in our society. This is also done in the food branche. A consumer wants to know what happens to his or her product. This may be in safety, but also in other areas, such as sustainability, organic, animal welfare and social responsibility.

What did i spot?

I am going to look at different causes. First, organic. people want more sustainablous food. An example Summ. Summ consists of an Out of Home were sweet and snack assortment of chocolate products, biscuits, sweets, crisps and drinks. Summ products are more than good, because they are 100% organic and made with fair trade ingredients as possible!

Secondly, Food Versa

Food Versa provides more than 100 families in Africa today. This is effective through their collaboration with Moriah Citrus Estates in South Africa. they are marketing their premium brand Eden exclusively in the Netherlands / Europe. In the Netherlands they support various sports for NAC Breda The OTC Warande Soccer Clubs Sports and Special Events. Through AMANI wines that they also support breast cancer and various other charities. They are currently working throughout Europe through supporting the retail sector, with a portion of their profits back to children in Africa.

And finally, Ben and Jerry. This ice cream company is thinking of the cow to the cone about animal welfare and sustainability. The brand has won many certificates and awards by their way through the use of transparency.

Why it is cool?

I think it’s cool because this trend will make the biggestly impact on society. People want to know where their food comes from, and want a healthy, sustainablous lifestyle. Also it keeps increasing interest in the environment. If companies to open up, and tells the real story behind their products, people will make the right choice when it comes to diet.



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