Smart Glasses

Google Glasses.

What is it?

Can you imagine that you in a while through special glasses can see the weather forecast, you can call anyone, can make notes and can see where your friends are? Soon everything is possible Glasses with Google! It is still unclear when the glasses appears on the market, but the first test already run.

Why is it cool?

Google Glasses a very innovative product. The product offers many features and adds a figurative form other products together. It is actually a Smartglasses. You keep your hands free, because the glasses guide you through a technique that follows your eyes, or guide you with your voice commands.


This fits well with the trend stress society, by this product can be multitasking and doing different things at once, because you are hands free but perhaps more important, it’s much more polite. You’re not constantly on your phone but you do everything through your glasses.

Urban nomads, the phenomenon that keeps everything in town. People lives and works in the city and all our social contacts are located in the city. Actually we don’t have out of town. For this prototype these specialious glasses the perfectory solution!




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