Future Cook

What it is?

The kitchen, the room where we need the most free space. Aslihan Tokat has come up with a very ingenious table design.

The kitchen of the future, say 2025, is no longer the kitchen we know. This is a multi-functional table that basically includes everything one needs in the kitchen when preparing food. The table is called ‘Future Cook’. It serves as a washing area, a prep area and it includes an induction cook top and an integrated food processor. It’s actually everything you need in one simple table. This idea is a smart solution for people who have no amounts of time to cook.

Why it is cool?

I think this is the kitchen of the future of 2025. Now in this society where we live in, we run form pillar to post. It is a stressful society. We have little time and we cook in between. It is perfect for easy cooking in a quick manner. This table has everything in reach, it’s all possible.

Source: http://www.yankodesign.com/2012/06/18/cook-chop-clean-and-serve-from-a-table/


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