Secret Tea Shop

Ssssttt…. It’s a secret!

Brazilian architect Alan Chu designed this remarkable secret shop. The shop is designed for a local tea brand in a shopping center in Sao Paulo.

The Tea Store is hidden behind a multi-coloured wall when closed. Even the sign of the Gourmet Tea Store is hidden. During opening times, the wall transforms into a fully equipped shop as the counter slides forward from beneath a purple hatch. A cupboard emerges from behind a large brown door and shelves are wheeled out from behind a grey panel.

Chu was inspired by the brand’s bright packing. Especially its range of 35 organic tea blends. ‘In many ways opens the colourful box to the public. It creating a dynamic, joyful atmosphere around it self-using design as a tool to provide the right brand experience’, Chu explains.

Why is it cool?

Urban nomads, the traveling man. In short, these people are always on the move. That is precisely what I want to link to this coolhunt. As always you are traveling, you to make optimal use of places. This pop up store does so well. When the store opens, he uses the space you need. And when he closes the shop use minimal space. Actually fits the store to his status. Something which is also typical of urban nomads



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