Mix your spirituality!

Blurring of boundaries in relation to spirituality and religion is increasingly common. It’s been a while so that they are less concerned with a specific religion, but here and there to experiment with. What’s happens now? People wear symbols, signs and characters in his / her environment, have a tattoo, to show in this way intellectual baggage and cultural richness of expression. Crosses, buddha, spiritual and more symbols are mixed and used interchangeably, but also worn. People are often not aware of the combination or the meaning of the symbols.

Where does this trend come from?
Due to globalization is general knowledge, culture and curiosity of us so excited, it seems we are with this mix of religions and influences want to give not unilaterally and monogamous to a specific faith.

How is the trend expressed?
This trend may be express in two ways. The trend can express either large and small. This is expressed in large sizes, adopt a whole new lifestyle and in smaller sizes, the mixing of different symbols with cultural load.


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