Escape from reality 2,0

Rules, expectations and imposed norms and values ​​of society. The word ‘should’ is often suspected in a “free” country like the Netherlands. This contradiction calls upon anxiety and frustration, also in the rest of the world. We are not as free as we think, but many people pursue this The escape from these rules, laws and unwritten norms occurs increasingly rebellious behaviour. This can manifest itself in protests that are increasingly coming back, but the humour and playfulness should not be missed. Surrealism comes to escape reality, but also to everything we learned as ‘normal’. There is a creative expression and humour shown in the living and appearance industry.
People that respond to this trend
reality realityy
Sculptor Ron Mueck takes the art of sculpting to a whole new level with his incredibly realistic sculptures of human beings. If it weren’t for the disorienting sizes of his sculptures and the snapshots taken of the artist completing his pieces of art, it would easily have you believing that these sculptures are in fact real people. What truly makes these sculptures believable is that he plays with people’s imperfections, thereby giving each a distinct character.

reality- realityi realityyyy

Jean-Pacome Dedieu allows meet surrealism with hyperrealism. Jean-Pacome Dedieu is stunning photography series. His still-life series features a beautiful amalgamation of color and centralism, which focuses on an idyllic concept.



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