About one week has come….

About one week it finally happened, I’m creating my own online shop. It is an online shop, mostly women, their jewelry and bags at a low price to order. I order the jewelry and bags at wholesale and sell them to consumers at a low price.

I am therefore inspired during the beauty fair two weeks ago. There was a stand with a jewelry wholesaler. I walked into that position and soon became the first shining jewel on. (I know I’m a crow) I looked at the price tag and saw to my surprise that the bracelet only cost 2.50 euros. I bought the bracelet and when i was home, i felt not good to me. I thought, I can buy those bracelets, but not everyone can. You must be registered at the “Kamer van Koophandel” in dutch. So basically I felt a little help that person to jewelry to sell to consumers.
I have the right to have a nice bags wholesale approach, which I have bags go shopping.

The launch of my shop is only in the autumn because I still very busy with school and I still have some time to go deeper.
Below a few pictures of jewelry and bags that will soon be available to me!

 Available in different colors

Available in different colors

B565-848 Silver In silver and rose gold

B601-340 Silver


And many many more!


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