Take a look into the technological future


Technology refresh faster than you know it. Because there is always innovation, there are created new technological progresses. Technological developments are important to us because we get new insights into certain things. Looking to the Netherlands and sports, technological developments in the field of food, materials and information technology combined with human factors, are the main drivers for innovation in the Netherlands.

The coming years, many innovations expected in the fields intelligence and active sport products, where the user is central to the product development and new applications of information and communication processes between the athlete, coach and environment to facilitate. I looked up for some examples which already are on the market, but also concepts that will appear on the market.

The first example, I think the most famous, google glasses. The augmented reality glasses contains a small screen for the right eye, which information can be displayed. There is a camera built to take pictures and videos with it. This glasses are still under development and probably come on the market in 2015.

Bionic contact lensens
The information displayed directly on the contact lens. Currently it can only display a single pixel. Technological details are a nanometer circuits, micro LED’s and tiny lens arrays. Also this product is still under divelopment.

Let’s spray it!
Do you sweat a lot? Do you hate or hav you no time to wash your clothes? I’ve the solutions of all of these guestions. Frabrican spray on clothes is an aerosol applied fabric can be washed an reworn. The tecnological details in this product are short fibers and binding polymers in a liquid solvement that evaprates when it dries. You can buy this product know!


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