Make drinking more sexy

Feminization a development that has been playing for decades in our society. It started with a money-earning woman, followed by the metro man who doing housework effortlessly , to a changed marketing. Due to this development marketing changes. There are more and more feminine products on the market. Products are made female. This happened in the auto industry, but also in the consumer industry. An example of this is; a female cognac glass. Brand Rémy Martin worked with art students on how to combine cognac with art of seduction. Apparently Rémy Martin was concerned that women weren’t drinking enough cognac, so they decided to lure us to the spirit wit jewellery.

wijn-drinken-uit-glas-om-vingerchampagneglas-voor-om-je-vingercognac-necklace  dubbele-ring-glas-om-je-vinger



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