A High-Tech Bra

To ensure that women do not go snacking when they have stress or emotionally unstable, Microsoft has invented a bra that needs to feel when women tend to eating binge, and this can then alert. By sensors that are incorporated into the cups and sides of the underwear changes in heart rate, skin temperature and stress level can be measured: factors related to binge eating.
The women participating in the study had to remove and recharge their bras every three to four hours, in what the researchers described as a “very tedious process.” The results, which were uploaded to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, naturally, were fairly impressive: The bra could predict their emerging emotional states with roughly 75% accuracy. (The women reported their moods every hour in smartphone diaries.) The real-time data is sent to your smartphone so that you can get when you get a notification – according to your bra – on the verge to overeat. It all sounds nice but I really wonder whether a beep on your smartphone, you decide not pull open for that bag of chips. 


Source: http://www.infopackets.com/


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