Anti-fur organization donates fur coats


If we had something not expected from anti-fur organization PETA then it’s their most recent action. PETA has namely a call to donate winter fur coats to the organization, which are then distributed to homeless people in this way slightly warmer through the winter.

PETA: “PETA has long said that only people who are truly struggling to survive have any excuse for wearing fur, and on Monday, with temperatures well below freezing, we drove that point home. While we can’t bring the animals who were slaughtered for fur, leather, and other skins back to life, together we can help bring a little warmth to people in desperate need.”

Beyond the heat is the action also pretty similar to the Abercrombie & Fitch stunt earlier this year by helping through clothing of a particular brand or a particular style homeless also these clothes logically less glamorous and trend-sensitive, besides the beautiful fact that homeless people use something like a fur coat naturally better than anyone else. A high-profile action, but very beautiful!



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