Bargain hunting is genetically determined

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Are you one of those who at sunrise in line for a sample sale , enthusiastically when advertising leaflets fall on the doormat , and whose heart beat if the stores announce their sales?

It might just be that you owe this ‘ailment’ to your genes. Mark Ellwood author of “Bargain Fever: How to shop at a discounted world” says that releases dopamine in the brains when you come across a bargain. This substance to make you feel good lingers in your system, giving you longer keep a good feeling after a great sale. This would allow you to be tempted more to look for discounts, sales and other actions. In this way it acts like an addiction and you always need more of. According to the author, people with white skin would be more sensitive to bargain because of a gene that makes it more difficult to fade dopamine out of your system. 25% of this group have this gene, causing them to become addicted to bargain hunting. Click here for a video.



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