Coffee Art

Let’s Cafe is a coffee chain in Taiwan with over 2000 stores. It is not really a store. More like a kiosk in the Family Mart convencience store, providing fast but good coffee to consumers.
The Challenge, how can Let’s Cafe offer a better café experience aigainst bigger more established chains with proper stores?
The solution, Offer our consumers something extra that even big coffee chains can’t. A latte art customization that is ridiculously unique and fun. They kicked it off in our most populair stores. All consumers have to do is upload an image from their mobile to the machine. And voila, the image gets sprinkled onto their latte forming the ultimate latte art. The consumers shared their various creations with their friends. And it became the talk of town in social media and in the press.
By owning latte art the perceptions of Let’s Cafe’s coffee credibility and its sales went up.



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