Fail campaign

An advertising campaign to bring heavy drinking among young people’s attention for quite some uproar caused. The respective poster, a young girl who clearly has too much to drink and the underlying organization, Calderdale Council, saying they want to think twice before they drink a lot of young people – because there are “risks”. Despite good intentions, many people have the poster interpreted as an implicit message that rape is your own fault if you have been drinking too much. While the poster itself says nothing about rape, the message is clear and the campaign was a mistake, says Karen Ingala-Smith of the anti-violence foundation Nia. According to Karen, the campaign reinforces the excuses that allow rapists to rape women and to justify their crime.

Karen : “The only ones being Helped by the anti -rape campaign poster and rapists are the only ones who can stop rape are rapists There is no other crime in All which victims are made ​​to take responsibility , we knowthat the solid majority of rapes . . are not reported to the police and women are less likely to report rapes if they are made ​​to feel thatthey are responsible. This campaign rein forces the excuses made ​​by rapists as they attempt to discredit the women they rape and to justify Their crime . ”



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