Injection that makes you smarter


The delicious euphoric and stress-free feeling is not the only thing you’re after a good workout session on hold: researchers have found that it does enormous good for the health and functionality of the brains. You will be sharper, remember things faster and your cognitive ability is aging much more slowly. About how these benefits sports supports, is again well known.

In the search for the panacea of the effects of exercise on the brains should mimic, neuroscientists at Harvard Medical School and the University of Michigan Medical Center a particular protein (FNDC5), which can be investigated  during exercise in the muscles. To see what this protein triggers the investigators remained for 30 days to monitor a mouse who just love running around in his wheel. What was found? Because of the movement that protein was created, which in turn stimulated the production of another protein (BDNF). The latter protein forms the connection between nerves and brains, which is essential for learning and memory.

With this knowledge, the researchers gave a non-sports mouse injected with FNDC5 to find that was the level of BDNF also increased significantly, despite the mouse so had barely moved one week later. Of course we as humans are very far removed from the day that we ourselves can take a pill with FNDC5 but the results are very interesting.



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