Murder ‘and’ ugly’ written on your head

Photographer Steve Rosenfield wants to make the society “What I Be” project are aware of the many prejudices that still prevail in this society. On his website he reveals that his project about fairness. Society today tells us every day how we would need to see which varieties are supposedly better, that women should not dress as they wish, otherwise they provoke rape out and that people can be still killed  to their skin color.

All persons who posed for his lens to be seen incredibly brave. The people in the picture were still only one task: the phrase “I am not my …” finish by a qualifier in their lives on their face writing. Violently, but a powerful message to people shake wake up for a short time.

what-i-be-project-nsmbl1-444x300 what-i-be-project-nsmbl2-444x300 what-i-be-project-nsmbl3-444x300 what-i-be-project-nsmbl-444x300



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