So hip!

Thanks to photographer Dai Lyn Power, responsible for this photo series, we actually want to ask all love our grandparents or as they like to dress up as on photos below. Because we will never be so hip.

tumblr_mvuqcyGDf21qlouhlo3_1280-450x300 tumblr_mvuqcyGDf21qlouhlo4_1280-450x300 tumblr_mvuqcyGDf21qlouhlo5_1280-450x300 tumblr_mvuqcyGDf21qlouhlo6_1280-450x300 tumblr_mvuqcyGDf21qlouhlo7_1280-450x300 tumblr_mvuqcyGDf21qlouhlo8_1280-450x300



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